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About Web Services Testing

Web Service is defined as a service that is provided by an application on a particular device or server to another device or client application when installed through communication through World Wide Web.The data transfer or any requests will be done as XML or JSON through the help of HTTP OR HTTPS protocol over the application where the response is received is processed by the client application irrespective of the architecture, technology and software platform.

Web Services Testing Course Curriculum

Web Services Concepts:


    Section: 1

    REST API Basics and Terminology

    • Introduction to REST API
    • Understanding how REST API architecture works
    • What is Base URL, Resources in REST API?
    • Understanding GET,POST,PUT,DELETE requests
    • What are headers and cookies in rest request?

    Section: 2

    Getting started with REST API Testing

    • Understanding Google place Search API for scripting
    • Introduction to POSTMAN -Manual testing client for REST API
    • Adding new place in Google Maps with Google API
    • Validating responses with POSTMAN

    Section: 3

    Rest Assured setup for API Automation

    • Introduction on Test API’s
    • Setting up Test Project with Rest Assured API’s
    • Understanding given tag for passing requests


    Section: 4

    Validating the Rest API Responses

    • Validating the body of first Json response
    • Examples on validating response headers and status codes
    • Understanding query parameters on sending request

    Section: 5

    Diving in Depth-Automating REST API’s

    • Automating POST request with payload
    • Grabbing the response body into String for Advance validations
    • Passing the response values into subsequent requests
    • Optimizing the scripts by centralizing the data
    • Data driven testing best practices


    Section: 6

    Automation Utilities for Parsing the Json/XML responses

    • Validating Advanced xml responses
    • Shortcut methods to convert Raw data to xml/ Json
    • Parsing Json response to extract values
    • Logging feature to debug automation scripts


     Section: 7

    Real world Example-Automating Jira API’s

    • How Jira API Works?
    • Cookie Authentication API for Jira requests
    • Jira GET,POST API Scripting for creating bugs
    • End to end Solved examples on automating Jira API


    • Adding comment API using POST and PUT
    • Jira API scripting examples with response validations


    Section: 8

    Jenkins- Continuous Integration Tool

    • Importance of Jenkins in Test frameworks
    • Install and configure Jenkins
    • Configuring Jenkin Settings and Workspace


    Section: 9

    JUNIT Reports for Jenkin Jobs

    • JUNIT Reporting Plugin into Jenkin jobs


    Section: 10

    Logging Framework – log4j

    • What is log4j? its usage in Rest API framework
    • Importing log4j into Eclipse project
    • Importance of log4j xml file
    • Understanding the xml file to control logging in Test case
    • Test case logging with log4j example


    Section: 11

    REST API Framework development from scratch Part -1

    • Converting Project to TESTNG framework
    • Creating Maven REST API test Project
    • End to end testing API’s on Project
    • Generating reports and creating BAT file


    Section: 12

    REST API Framework development from scratch Part -2

    • Integrating Log4j into Rest API Tests
    • Configuring and generating log file for the tests
    • Importance of Global environment variables in Framework
    • Creating Modules to drive the data into Tests
    • Organizing files and folders as per test structure
    • Extent Reports in generating Test execution results
    • Integrating Rest API tests into JENKINS CI tool


    Section: 13

    JUNIT Framework

    • Introduction to JUNIT Framework
    • Environment setup in eclipse
    • JUNIT Annotations
    • Prioritizing the test cases with JUNIT
    • Enabling and disabling the scripts with JUNIT controls


       Section: 14

       WIRE MOCK

        . Intallation & configuration

        . Request – Response Matching

        . Testing Mocked Services

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    Web Services Testing Highlights

    • Certificate of completion
    • Material on all the concepts
    • Real-time projects with live examples
    • Job oriented training
    • 100% placement assistance
    • 24/7 support
    • Highly experienced Trainers


    Who Should Learn Web Services Testing?

    • Those that have basic knowledge of software testing.
    • Aspirants that are interested to learn Web services.
    • Any graduates can learn about this course.
    • Better to have an idea of server language.
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    What are the modes of Web Services Testing training?

     There are three modes of training, classroom training, online training and weekend training.

    MindQ is providing all these three modes of training based on the convenience of the students.

    Is this Web services testing course beneficial to learn and can we get good opportunities?

    This Web Services testing plays a crucial role in Quality Assurance that is required for every organisation, so the opportunities will be high.

    What about the certification?

    We will provide you the certification after completion of your course.

    Can we contact for any queries even after Web services testing course completion?

    Yes, we will respond to your queries even after the course completion.

    What if I miss a class for Web services testing?

    Back up classes will be provided or we will join you in live batches.

    What about Job placements after Web services testing course completion?

    Assistance will be provided until you are placed after course completion, we will forward your resume to the companies we tied up with and the knowledge gained in the training program will help you crack your interview easily.

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