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About PHP Training in Hyderabad

PHP with My SQL works great in Web-based Applications developed. PHP scripting language mostly used in web development and coding executed in a server within the server-side. MySQL uses structured Query Languages. PHP with MySQL work together by connecting and querying data from the script.

PHP Training in Hyderabad Course Curriculum

SSC Section

SSC Session 1 — Web Basics
• Web Architecture
• XAMPP Installation
• PHP,APACHE,MYSQL configurations
SSC Session 2 — PHP Basics
• PHP Delimiters and Comments
• Variables and Datatypes in PHP
• Type Casting & Type Juggling.
SSC Session 3 — Decisions
• Comparison Operators and Conditions
• IF and ELSE Control Structure
• Logical Operators
SSC Session 4 — Multiple Control Structures and Loops
• Multiple Control Structures
SSC Session 5 — PHP Functions and Variable Scopes
• Creating Code Re-usability with Functions
• Function and Variable Scopes
• Parameters and Return Values
• Built-in PHP Function Libraries
SSC Session 6 — Arrays
• Creating an Array
• Associative Arrays
• Creating Multidimensional Arrays
• Traversing and Manipulating Arrays
• Built-in Functions
SSC Session 7 — Strings
• Manipulating Strings
• Built-in String Functions
• Regular Expressions
SSC Session 8 — Forms in PHP
• Forms Review
• Using Super global to Read Form Inputs(GET,
SSC Session 9 — Utilizing Internet Tools
• Environment and Server Variables
• Using HTTP Headers , Buffers
• Sending Emails
SSC Session 10 — Date and Time
• PHPMyAdmin
• SQL.
• Date and Time Standards
• Date and Time Functions
SSC Session 11 — Using Files
• Including and Requiring Files
• Reading and Writing Files
• Upload & Download Files
• Reading and Writing CSV Files.
SSC Session 12 — Using Directories
• Creating Directories
• Reading and Writing Directories
SSC Session 13 — Cookies & Sessions
• Cookies and Use Of Cookies
• Session and Use of Sessions
• Session Security.
SSC Session 14 — Object-Oriented PHP
• Classes, Properties, and Methods
• Object Instantiation and Class Scope
• Inheritance, Abstraction and Polymorphism
SSC Session 15 — Advanced Concepts in Object-Oriented PHP
• Constructors, Destructors, Constant and Magic
• Advanced Access Control: Abstract, Final, and Static
• Interfaces
SSC Session 16 — Advanced Concepts in Object-Oriented PHP
• Exception Handling and namespaces.
• MVC Architecture
• CRUD application using OOPS.
SSC Session 17 — Advanced Concepts(WEB-SERVICES)
• Design Patterns.
• Introduction to REST,SOAP, SMTP & POP3
• XML Parsing (reading & Writing XML Files).

SSC Section 2

SSC Session 1 — Introduction
• History of Database, Database Modeling
• Introductions of MySQL, MySQLI
• Databases and Permissions
SSC Session 12 — Project, Part 3

  • Front end Design
  • Listing Products
  • Order Confirmation & Checkout process

SSC Session 2 — Creating Tables
• Creating and Checking Tables
• Inserting Values into Tables
• Retrieving Data from Tables
SSC Session 3 — Searching Through Tables
• Exploring the “where” and “like” Keyword
• Updating and Deleting Data
SSC Session 4 — Managing Tables
• Altering, Renaming, Deleting Tables
SSC Session 5 — Managing Table Entries
• Optimizing with Indexes and Keys
• Auto increment and Primary Keys
SSC Session 6 – Advance Concepts of Databases
• Joins, Views & sub queries
• Trigger , Stored Procedures and Functions
SSC Session 7 — Managing Query Results
• Group By and Preventing Duplicate Results
• Searching and Counting Within Groups
• Renaming, Deleting, Limiting Results
SSC Session 8 — Database Programming with PHP • PHP Connection to MySQL, MySQLI using
Procedural & Object.
• Executing SQL Commands
• Delimiting Queries
SSC Session 9 — Project , Part 1
• Project Description
• Table Layout AND Table Creation
SSC Session 10 — Project , Part 2
• Design and develop Control panel
• User Authentication
• Implementing categories, products, users Modules
• Product search and Pagination
SSC Session 11 – Project , Part 3
• Front end design
• Listing products
• Adding product to cart
• Order confirmation & checkout process
• Deployment
• FTP Server & C-panel
• Creating database & importing tables
• Output on LIVE server

SSC Section 3

SSC Session 1 — AJAX
• Introduction
• What is XMLHTTPRequest , ActiveXObject?
• Sending Asynchronous request to server
• Tracking the request
• Output the response in desired manner
• Cascading Select-boxes
• Implementing AJAX in shopping cart
SSC Session 2 — jQuery
• Introduction
• Selectors, Filters, effects & animation
• Form Validation
• jQuery with AJAX
• JQuery with PHP AND MYSQL.
SSC Session 2 — JSON
• Introduction
• Synatx, Filters, Http
• Read & Write JSON Content.

SSC Section 4

SSC Session 1 — Linux
• Introduction to Linux
• File system
• Basic Commands
• Installing Apache, PHP, MySQL
• Writing PHP code & execution
SSC Session 2 — Security
• SQL Injection

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PHP Training in Hyderabad Highlights

  • 100% placement assistance
  • Experienced trainers
  • Real-time examples
  • The practical way of training
  • Live projects
  • Certificate of completion
  • Assistance on resume preparation
  • 24/7 access 

PHP Training in Hyderabad Certificate

Who Should Learn PHP Training?

  • Those that are interested to learn PHP with MySql programming language
  • Any graduates or freshers can join this course
  • For those that are interested in computer programming

It is beneficial for the following professionals to learn this language

  • Developers
  • Programmers
  • Technical Leads
  • Analytics manager
  • Business analysts that have idea on machine learning techniques
  • Information architects

There is no need to have any idea on other programming languages to learn this course, so anyone can learn this course irrespective of their educational background or job profile.

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What if I miss a PHP Training in Hyderabad classes?

You can join any live batches for those missed classes or we will provide any backup classes for those.

What about PHP Training in Hyderabad Demo classes?

You can attend PHP Training demo classes at MindQ and know the way of training provided at MindQ before joining into any course.

What are the modes of PHP training in Hyderabad?

MindQ provides three modes of training Classroom training,online training and weekend training,based on your convenience you can join any.

What about placement after completion of PHP Training?

We will provide assistance and guidance throughout the course completion for getting you placed easily, with our training approach you can easily get the knowledge and easily crack the interviews after course completion.We will forward your resume to the companies we tie up with.

Do you provide certification after PHP Training in Hyderabad?

We will provide certification after the PHP Training completion and with the knowledge from training program you will easily qualify in the exam.

PHP Training in Hyderabad Features

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

Instructor-Led Training Sessions

Our trainers are right on your screen available to answer any question you may have.

Expert Trainers

We encourage nothing less than the BEST. Our trainers are real-time experts with years of experience.

Flexible Schedule

We have classes on most hours of the day. You plan your availability accordingly and schedule a demo.

Industry Specific Scenarios

Since all our faculty hail from industry, our trainers are masters in explaining scenarios that are used and preferred in the market.

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